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Bushwhacking in the ‘alto plano’ of central Mexico (part 2)

First one at the fence carefully places his thick soled boot onto a lower wire, pressing down. Another person uses two hands to lift the barbed wires above. Tall, short, limber or stiff, we pass through one by one with a minimum of snags. A nearby grove of Mexican oak trees offers the perfect rest spot. The biggest acorns I… Continue reading Bushwhacking in the ‘alto plano’ of central Mexico (part 2)

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Bushwhacking in the ‘alto plano’ of central Mexico (part 1)

Our morning began quietly enough. Fill the water bottles, pack up snacks, throw something hot and caffeinated down the gullet, hustle by taxi to the Pemex station. Divvy up into groups (based on destination), climb into awaiting cars, and arrive at the trailhead. Here in central Mexico, a trailhead could be a dirt soccer pitch (with or without players on… Continue reading Bushwhacking in the ‘alto plano’ of central Mexico (part 1)

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‘What I Did On My Summer Vacation’

Back in May, 2015, before I even packed a suitcase or planned much of an itinerary beyond purchasing plane tickets, I made a fairly significant decision. I quit identifying as a ‘Yoga Teacher’. I hollered my frustration at my office walls, and I hollered my grief into the spacious sky above my desert walking ground. I… Continue reading ‘What I Did On My Summer Vacation’

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The people we meet along the way

During my between-colleges waitressing days, I met a man named Roger. He was a bear of a man, who handled the tools of his forge and the thick ceramic coffee mugs at the diner with equal poise. Roger introduced me to Japanese architecture with a book titled ‘The Elegant Japanese House’. I pulled that book out this morning, and when… Continue reading The people we meet along the way

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The rigor of curiosity and the necessity of chaos

The Vernal Equinox was yesterday. It was a good day here at my modest home in central Mexico. Being a Friday, my calendar was wide open. I had a strong morning yogasana practice on my roof, and it was warm enough for shorts. I asked my husband to document the fact that I was wearing said shorts, because this has been a profound shift for me into acceptance~ and delight!~ as I slide my 54 year old legs into snug shorts designed for yoga practitioners. What that picture also reveals is that my Svarga Dvidasana (‘Bird of Paradise’ pose) needs some work.

My writing needs some focused time and attention, too, as do a number of creative projects lying about my office. When I settled into my chair at 6:00am to edit a piece I wrote for another blog site, my first click was to open Facebook (doesn’t EVERYONE go to Facebook for inspiration?) A friend of mine is in Nepal right now and she had just posted a photograph of boats scattered by the shore of Lake Pokhara. I was struck and inspired by that image… because as I was sneaking over to the ol’ FB, I was chewing on the phrase ‘the rigor of creativity’. Seeing the jumble of boats the phrase ‘the necessity of chaos’ leapt to mind. And therein lay my ‘Aha!’ moment.

As much as I crave structure and experience joy when I have met a self-imposed deadline, I am a devotee of Serendipity and her glorious attendants. As much as I rely on creating space in my life for her fortuitous visits, I love just as much to show up to tasks with dedication and focus. I derive a sense of accomplishment from tracking my progress, be it my 120th blog post, a finished piece of embroidery, or rising up strong and tall on my yoga mat in some pose that has been eluding me.

In honor of all that, I have made myself a modest challenge. To show up, for seven days straight, to three areas of my life that sustain me and give them the nourishment of my attention, devotion and care on a daily basis:

  • Mind: One piece of writing + one hour of reading
  • Body: One yogasana practice + food, glorious food, lovingly prepared vegetarian paleo (sheesh, that takes a LOT of forethought!)
  • Soul: One hour of handwork (currently on an embroidery fixation) + one solid hour outdoors (just being in it)