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Yoga for the Plumpness, Perils and Eventual Potential of Menopause

Thoughts on staying embodied during the menopausal years, Part One. Here is what I find most challenging about the menopausal years: my waistline has become a hoarder and my memory keeps going out for these long walks. I used to joke that there was a ‘Fat Fairy’ who came to my house at night with her… Continue reading Yoga for the Plumpness, Perils and Eventual Potential of Menopause

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Rituals of Self-Care: Abhyanga

This cool September morning~ after my usual cappuccino and treadmill routine~ I followed the urge of seasonal inclination and grabbed a large jug of tridoshic oil from my closet. I pulled a cotton rug and old towels off the bathroom shelves, and poured about a cup of the earthy, fragrant oil into the bowl of a small warming device. I found my vetiver body scrubber, disrobed, and performed my first abhyanga of the season. This ayurvedic self-care ritual involves dry brushing the skin (long strokes on limbs, circling strokes over the joints), then bathing, then massaging warmed oil all over the body. I reserve one towel in particular to then gently pat any unabsorbed water and oil from my skin, as this particular oil is quite dark and will stain clothing. Because I have a quiet day ahead of me, I purposely left a lot of oil on my skin and dressed in old clothes and fresh socks, letting my body slowly soak in this nourishing treatment.

imagesThe Sanskrit root word for both ‘to be loved’, and ‘to be anointed’ is the same: sneha (स्नेह). Snehana is the act of anointing oneself with oil, in a gesture of self-loving care.

  • What are your daily rituals?
  • Which of these rituals do you just do, which do you revisit, and which need to be altered or dropped altogether? 
  • Which ones are chore-like? Which are centered purely on pleasure?


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At the vernal equinox

At the end of my last blog post, I posed some questions: “… there is now so much in my various practices that feels familiar. i can identify more clearly the things that scare me, or the things i want to avoid, so might this mean i have arrived at the next threshold? am i at… Continue reading At the vernal equinox

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After the sweat

Herewith my somewhat stream of consciousness thoughts after the St. Patrick’s Day temazcal: i arrive at el charco via taxi. familiar faces are already there, and introductions are made (funny how in such a small town, one can hear about certain people for a long, long time before actually meeting them, and then when you DO… Continue reading After the sweat