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Bushwhacking in the ‘alto plano’ of central Mexico (part 1)

Our morning began quietly enough. Fill the water bottles, pack up snacks, throw something hot and caffeinated down the gullet, hustle by taxi to the Pemex station. Divvy up into groups (based on destination), climb into awaiting cars, and arrive at the trailhead. Here in central Mexico, a trailhead could be a dirt soccer pitch (with or without players on… Continue reading Bushwhacking in the ‘alto plano’ of central Mexico (part 1)

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Swimming My Sea

loose: to set free from fastening or attachment (nautical) Preparing material for yoga classes is a fairly solitary process. I tend to do a lot of circling my mat and shuffling papers before I can loose my mind and free dive into soft tissue and fluid body systems. Once there an inner world opens up… Continue reading Swimming My Sea