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Swimming My Sea

loose: to set free from fastening or attachment (nautical) Preparing material for yoga classes is a fairly solitary process. I tend to do a lot of circling my mat and shuffling papers before I can loose my mind and free dive into soft tissue and fluid body systems. Once there an inner world opens up… Continue reading Swimming My Sea

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A morning’s storytelling

Friday. Cats creating the usual ruckus to announce they’re starving. Teenage son up and readying for school. Me huddled under covers, procrastinating. Friday. Nothing goes onto Friday’s calendar that isn’t All About Me. At least that is my intention. This particular Friday is all about the word, the conjuring of words, a plethora of words. Friday.… Continue reading A morning’s storytelling

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Inspiration: The Radiance Sutras

Be wildly devoted to someone, or something. Cherish every perception. At the same time, forget about control. Allow the Beloved to be itself and to change. Passion and compassion, holding and letting go, This ache in your heart is holy. Accept it as the rise of intimacy With life’s secret ways. Devotion is the Divine… Continue reading Inspiration: The Radiance Sutras

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Traveling Yogini: Following the Water in Guatemala

(photo credit: Holly Wilmeth) The first thing I noticed as six of us poured out of our big, blue bus in Antigua, Guatemala, was the softness of the air. It wasn’t the rainy season, but the moisture could be felt right away, especially as we’d just flown in from the more arid Mexican high plateau.… Continue reading Traveling Yogini: Following the Water in Guatemala