Habit / Magic

In the beginning (about 4 years ago), I began my blog as a way to stay connected to a community that was very dear to me. I was heading to a year-long sabbatical in Mexico, and they were staying home to enjoy and commiserate the variety of weather that travels through New England. Once in Mexico, I discovered I like to write. Some blogs posts were geared towards answering questions, but most went up like paper balloons with candles in them. Little carriers of light and wishes.

Those little missives going out formed a habit. And when those invisible forces in the Universe began to notice I was showing up quite regularly, bits and sometimes chunks of magic would float out of the sky and most often land right on my desk. Ever watched a ball of jasmine tea blossoming? That’s kind of what those deliveries of magic look like.

Writing every single day is not nearly as challenging as flossing my teeth or remembering to change the cats’ litter box. The #YourTurnChallenge showed up, and here I am, in the thick of creating and marketing content for a project that has been in development for years. Adding this ‘one more thing’ has had the effect of asking me to be that much more present to everything else. And the Universe likes it when gratitude commingles with focused intent.



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