In a rut.

So… you’re in a rut. (I am going to go ahead here and assume this is a rut of the human-kind, not of the animal world~ or Australian~ variety.)

Did it come as a total, out-of-the-blue surprise? Or did it come slinking out of the shadows, slowly, until one day you found yourself engulfed? Are you generally rut-averse, or is it a habitual thing?

There is a ton of advice out there about getting unstuck, most of it prefaced by ‘6 Ways…’ of this, and ‘10 Steps…‘ to that. If you happen to like imagining that you can accomplish ANYTHING in just 6, or 10, or 3 easy steps, go for it.

My advice? Just say ‘YES!’ To everything (mostly) that comes your way. Walks in the park, spaghetti fights, sledding with chickens (Yes, it can be done. They even appear to enjoy it). Saying ‘YES!’ can be boisterous, scary, boring even. But it’ll get you moving. And eventually, you’re over the rut and onto the Next Great Thing.


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