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Of Sisyphisian tasks and runaway horses…

Snapshots from my week:

#1. Gathered in a tight circle with 2 other women I love and admire, we are sipping tea and having a lively conversation about ways in which we can blend our work and possibly carry our ideas and visions into the future, together. One woman mentions what this ‘Year of the Horse’ has felt like to her~ having a loose hold on the reins of a four-legged beast dashing wildly through the terrain of her year. She’s held on, but it has been a willy-nilly, challenging ride. Me, I was born in a Rat year. I was forewarned that Horse years are particularly tough for us Rats.

No sh*t.

#2. I finally sleep my computer, pull off my clothes, and crawl into bed. It is close to 9:00pm, and yet again I have been online, answering emails, writing articles, putting together my monthly newsletter, without allowing for ‘time off’ before bed. I am exhausted.

Turning to face my husband, all I can do is groan. Bone-tired, I feel like some great fish that is simultaneously trying to enjoy the feel of this up-stream swim, catch up with her clan, navigate the new waterways when they appear… and once in awhile hang out in a cool, calm pool and blow bubbles for the sheer joy of blowing bubbles.

Fourteen months ago I made a quiet commitment to focus on expanding my ‘business’. My former clientele are based primarily in New England. My new clientele are primarily people from the USA and Canada who live full or part time in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. I am in a person-to-person based business, teaching yoga and fascial-based movement to individuals and small groups.

I love this ‘work’. And I struggle with how to stay connected to a clientele I spent a decade cultivating. I struggle with how to build a new clientele in a town that draws fascinating people to it~ people who are often here for just a short time. I struggle with being an introvert and needing lots of alone time~ with wanting to gather everyone around and share all this terrific stuff I have been playing with (yoga stuff, fascia stuff, art stuff, etc.).

#3. Giving in to the strong pull of my muse, I make my morning tea. The sun and pastel shades that we woke up to are slowly being cloaked by a big grey cloud. My notes, my research material and my sketchbooks are stacked next to the couch. Today, I write and draw and plan the material for upcoming workshops and retreats.

If those workshops and retreats go ‘unsold’, I still have my work, my investigations, my curiosity. Lack of an audience will never take that away. And that’s okay.

(PS. Look what I found at the market today, after I wrote this post! More information on the women of Las Rancheritas who hook these beautiful whimsical pieces is here.)




2 thoughts on “Of Sisyphisian tasks and runaway horses…

  1. Thanks Liza..what a heartfelt share! So many of us are growing our businesses..and it can be a daunting road..still there is self discovery, finding one another, and a deep satisfaction as it finally “swims” into place…see yu in the pond!!


  2. Just a few minutes before I read this I was thinking about the swimming upstream feeling of life and wondering how long the salmon go before they rest…and how long I can go before I need to give myself rest…the answer to that seems ever changing, and so much more tied to the thoughts swimming around in my mind than my output of actions. I love the image of the year of the horse galloping wildly while trying to hang on – this year has felt a lot like that…thanks for putting it into words that make it feel like a beautiful adventure rather than a big hot mess blur : )

    much love,


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