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Monday Mantra 09.15.14

‘… wild attentiveness everywhere …’

Let today’s practice be that of going beyond simply keeping your eyes open, into an expansion of all your senses. The sky here in the high desert of central Mexico has been light only about an hour and a half, and already my senses have:

  • Felt my limbs sliding through layers of sheets and blankets in those first moments of waking to the warmth of my cat’s purring body nestled against my back.
  • Heard the ‘early birds’ clamoring in the giant avocado tree next door while noticing a lack of bottle rockets and church bells.
  • Smelled the day’s first espresso brewing in my coffee machine and heard the sound of milk being foamed in a metal pitcher.
  • Tasted the quick wave of milk, coffee and muscovado sugar move from my lips to my tongue.
  • Felt my body enveloped in the folds of my summer-weight kimono and my uncovered feet getting cold on the tile walkway as I passed from the kitchen to my office.




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