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Traveling Yogini: Into the Woods

This October I get to travel from my home in central Mexico to my old haunts in New England, and all of my senses are in ‘anticipation’ mode! I haven’t seen maple trees in their fiery cloaks in over three years, nor caught that particular smell that forests get when transitioning into autumn.

The delight of travel is getting keener, desire whets my sense of anticipation, and I have compiled the following set of intentions for this trip:

  • Pack as simply and as lightly as possible.
  • Connect with as many people as possible.
  • Lead a kick-ass retreat.

I have long felt that part of the allure of travel is all the time leading up to the actual date of departure. After three years in Mexico, the ‘me’ who is traveling back to known territory is different from the ‘me’ that left. She was exhausted and depleted and in sore need of replenishing. The ‘me’ that has traveled north since then has, each time, been a little more rested, but never to this point of fullness.

So north-ward, ho! Rivers and brooklets, I hear your call. Oak and maple, I cannot wait to wrap my arms around your scruffy-bark trunks. Soil made pungent from fallen leaves, I shall bury my nose in thee, while my fingers hold strong in mounds of soft moss. Clear mountain air, starry nights, the hoot of owls… I have this feeling new finery awaits, and that time spent in the company of old friends and familiar things will be revelatory.
(photo credit Marico Fayre)


Want to join Marico Fayre and me on the October Retreat? ‘Pathways to the Inner Story’ happens October 17-19, 2014, at Nine Mountain Retreats in Plainfield, MA. just a short 20 minute drive from Northampton. This particular event speaks to the integration of creative and mindful practices to connect with parts of ourselves (emotions, memories, questions) that may be hidden, stashed away, and previously inaccessible. It also speaks to the letting go of old habits and making space for enhanced creativity and self-awareness. The food will be stellar, the Nature deep and divine, and the company we keep nothing short of fabulous. Register here.


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