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The ‘Fluid Yoga’ Research Lab

Location: Anywhere I am in my own body, which is pretty much everywhere, all the time. The living room of my second floor apartment (temporary quarters for this rather fluid time in my life). Satellite locations include the Atlantic Ocean (mid-coast Maine), the high desert of central Mexico.


Investigative tools and materials include: Walls covered with white paper, a basket full of Sharpie markers, curiosity. Reams of notes from books, web-based classes, workshops and lectures from the past year or so that cover the subtle body, tantra, and fascia. Yoga mats, blocks, balls, straps, hand weights, ankle weights, and foam rollers. Time, and more time, and plenty of space.

Objective: Creating yoga classes that leave one feeling juicy and delicious. Intelligent, grounded synthesis of ideas, explored through focused application and creative play. Play, play, and more play!

I love this part of the investigative process, passionately. Mapping movement in my body and creating vocabulary and images for yoga classes. Bringing others along once enough highways and side roads have been plotted. And language! Oh, how I love to find the language, and apply it to signposts and directional signals with just enough leeway so fellow travelers, inspired to follow me in, find their own delicious detours.



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