Creating a more personal dialogue.

I have been writing for and posting to this blog quite regularly for two years now. I plan to continue to process and comment and muse and digress in this very spot for the foreseeable future.

However, I have had the desire for some time to go deeper* (*favorite words alert). But going deeper means becoming ever more revelatory, and I am not sure I want the public at large to stumble upon some of my more vulnerable musings.

The phrase ‘the agony of ecstasy’ has been resonating with me for a couple of weeks. I’ll explain why over at my new, private blogIf you are interested in ‘going deeper’ with me whilst exploring the realms of yoga, meditation, life, love, inspiration and more, send me a request. If I do not know you personally, it would help to know a bit about who you are. And if you’re signing on to see where my musings are taking me, imagine this is also an invitation to engage in an arc of conversation.

PS. If you do not want to create a ‘wordpress’ account, email me for an invitation: liza.keogh(at)gmail.com


5 thoughts on “Creating a more personal dialogue.

  1. yes john, i’ve taken that phrase and made it more applicable to my life these days. i’ll send you an invite to the new blog using the email i have for you. i’ll also check the settings.


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