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Before the new moon temazcal (sweat lodge)

Back in the day, I was involved with a women’s ritual group. We met regularly at each others’ homes over the course of 2-3 years and did some deep work and some delightfully silly work. I have been trying to recall the specifics of our ‘New Moon’ rituals as I prepare for participating today in my second temazcal, a traditional Mexican ‘sweat lodge’. There are three temazcals scheduled this month up at el Charco, the botanical gardens I mention so often, and the temazcal hut itself was built on the grounds of an abandoned hacienda. It is a beautiful, potent place.


Planting seeds at the new moon is something gardeners know about, and it follows that would be an element of this particular ritual as well. For today’s event, I came up with the idea of planting ‘seeds of self-knowing’. This transitional time of my life is taking a longer, wider arc than expected, and familiar rest stops and scenic overlooks are not holding the penetrating insights and clear directional signals I was expecting. Crap. So, I am pulling out the big guns. The sisters: Divine Intervention and Serendipity. The road map: Lorin Roche’s translation of the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra. The vehicle: my body and the yogic practices that have sustained and supported, demolished and rebuilt me for over 20 years. Off I go…


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