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(it’s not the vernal equinox, so this is not really a blog post)

feb. 27. early morning. an unexpected trip to massachusetts has lasted 3 weeks. heading back to mexico tomorrow. i have been musing a lot on the image presented here from the “vijnana bhairava tantra” (or ‘radiance sutras’), as translated by lorin roche:

sutra #36:
“Watch for a moment in which
Two opposing perceptions occur-
Wanting to go and not going,
Knowing and simultaneously not knowing.

In that moment, let go of both perceptions
And jump into the interval in between.

Reality flashes forth.
Your being is the field of awareness,
The continuum in which the opposites play.”

that phrase, “the interval in between”. is it something seen from the corner of the eye, in one’s peripheral vision? is it writ along the edge of the invisible sword that cuts our forward path? is it a thread? a broad band? a flowering explosion of awareness? can this ‘interval’ be cultivated such that one can abide there for ever-longer stays? i think so, and the word ‘exquisite’ rises on my tongue.

lying on a futon, in a place of memories, opposites play. male/female. above/below. always/never. unknown/eternally familiar. ancient/unborn. the mystery of ‘other’/bone-deep knowing.
a universe poised at the tip of each cilia.
twelve breaths, no more, then back to the feel of cotton underneath, the hum of heating pipes,
and the slow warmth of sleeping dogs.


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