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Yoga ‘Sound Bites’

Confession: I tend to pass right over ‘sound bite’ yoga blogs, or sound bite anything for that matter (although I sometimes stay when there are nice colors or interesting graphics). How did we create this era of snippets of ‘this’ and bites of ‘that’, and how can we, our readers and our students expect to feel fed afterwards? Ultimately, doesn’t it seem counter-productive to continue to offer ‘yoga’ in little pieces when it is such a richer, more succulent feast?


I have begun to counter this shortening by lengthening the classes I teach to 1.5 and 2 hours. If we can sit on our couches and zone out, or do any other numbing type of activity for a good length of time, then surely it must be possible to re-train ourselves to extend the quieter, more internal ones as well.

So far, so good.

I used to receive a fairly popular yoga magazine every month. When it arrived, I would first enjoy the smooth sensation of the freshly unwrapped paper cover. The, I’d shake out all the advertising inserts, and skim through the entire issue, seeing what caught my eye. Lastly, I’d go through it again, tear out articles of interest, staple their pages together, and toss the dross and those irksome visual bites and whiffs of something deeper into the recycling bin. And yes, I stopped that subscription long ago, and visit their website instead, much to the sadness of my tactile side.

I’m confessing this as something of a plea for more in-depth writing and investigation. I like to watch people develop their yoga practices, and I like to watch people develop their voice, their aesthetic, their story.

If you happen to blog, or do yoga, or any other ‘thing’ that has found itself trying exist (let alone flourish) in this restrictive atmosphere, do something about it.

  • Offer your students the option of staying in class a little longer, on occasion or as a regular option.
  • Make your blog post a little longer. Try giving your reader a little more foreplay, and a hefty paragraph of after-glow.

Settle in, sharpen your pencils (an ancient writing instrument) and try it.


3 thoughts on “Yoga ‘Sound Bites’

  1. I was blessed to attend a 120 minute yoga class yesterday. Very impromptu, no finagling for “squeezing it in” as my son was well tended to in preschool. My reservation about “guilt and impropriety” in not attending my own neighborhood yoga center was quickly silenced as I started the practice. I literally became lost within my own lack of agenda. I choose to accept that I had made the most skilled decision with the free time that was afforded to me in an unexpected area… to which I just randomly drove to, lost in the beauty of a crisp autumn day. Since the inception of my 4 hours a week of- just me- time without multiple arrangements, I have not tried to squeeze in “just one more thing” into the time frame…… it has made all the difference. These are not always easy choices, Liza, when surrounded by expectation and the many others who do not listen to their own internal cues for reprieve. But I shall continue to march forward with preserving my so-called “unproductive” moments, as per my teachers guidance.


  2. Thanks for chiming in; I know the pull of ‘Just one more thing!’. And I also know the pull of ‘Please, NOT another thing’. I notice that more and more our visual senses are assaulted by these little, distracting bits. I notice, more and more, that attention to detail in writing is slipping; writing for the ‘sound bite’ has come to yoga, too; and then there is this other thing of ‘re-blogging’ someone else’s sound bites.

    I like long arcs of conversation, where ideas are introduced, mulled over, responded to, etc. and yoga is so much like that for me, too. You work on a pose, and begin this dialogue within your body and breath and mind and heart. Sometimes there’s a LOT of arguing… or oohs and aaahs. The longer class format on occasion allows for nuance. And like everything else it takes PRACTICE.

    So cheers to you for getting lost in an autumn day and ending up where you did. ❤ L.


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