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“There is nothing permanent about balance.”

Could YOU hold Vrksasana (‘Tree Pose’) for 5-10 years? Would you really WANT to?


I found the phrase that headlines this blog entry in a folder of notes I was going through earlier today. Those notes were from a weekend workshop I attended at Kripalu, co-taught by Scott Blossom and Dr. Robert Svoboda. The words were Dr. Svoboda’s and came from a lecture on Ayurveda and digestion.

How many times, in my years of teaching yoga, have I heard a student say, “I just want to find balance”. This is most often uttered by men and women of child-producing years who are looking to find a way to harmonize their careers, relationships, offspring, hobbies, and down-time. For starters.

It helps me enormously to imagine that being in a state of balance is an inherently temporary state; that the asymmetry of our bodies will be reflected in our lives; that chaos and falling away from center is integral to our journeys towards equanimity, inner peace and infinite poise.

It helps me enormously, as well, to come across a phrase like the one above, and be thrown off one line of inquiry only to catch hold of another; to experience the ‘off balance’ effect of inspiration. I watch my mind fly around, wildly weaving the colorful ribbons of this phrase into the warp of what I had been planning to teach.

One little phrase. Sometimes that is all it takes.


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