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3 Things to Bring to a Yoga Workshop

  • Bring your appetite. Come to the workshop a little hungry. Over-eating beforehand (or during) can make you physically and mentally lethargic. But more importantly, come hungry to learn. Letting yourself be a little hungry gives you room to let in the nourishment of new ideas, new approaches and new ways of looking at things. P.S. It is fine to bring a little snack with you, especially if you are hypoglycemic. Dried fruits and nuts are excellent choices.
  • Bring something to write in~ a journal, a notebook~ something tactile (not electronic). Chances are good you will be inspired to write down something the teacher said, or some insight you had (or even something that needs to go on your ‘to-do’ list). Writing it down-or drawing it- helps you to remember it and then move  your full attention back to the teacher and to your experience.
  • Go for comfort: comfortable clothes, your favorite prop, even a special blanket or wrap. Having the familiarity of touch, especially if you are new to the prolonged class format of workshops (and retreats!), helps you to settle in faster. Bathe beforehand and let some of your tension, or what’s bothering you, follow the soapy water down the drain.

Aside from bringing water (in a reusable container), and anything your workshop leader has asked for, you are ready! Congratulations, especially if this is your first one; it can take a lot of effort to rearrange busy lives, or decide that you are finally ready to explore the world of yoga in greater depth. Enjoy!


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