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33 days! (but who’s counting…)

Today dawned sunny and bright, with birds a-chirping and church bells a-ringing and house cats a-begging for their breakfast. I was the first one up, and began my day by listening once again to the first hour of Douglas Brooks’ lecture series on ‘Mapping the Subtle Body‘. The rising sun matched my elevated mood.

In 33 days I leave for a month in the states. I get to visit family and friends, and do some teaching. I am excited- and there is still a lot to do. Planning yoga retreats, courses, workshops and classes gives me pleasure- and gives me pause. It means I will need to find language to transmit what I have learned since our last times(s) together. It means I get to conjure useful imagery, for those who like to connect to the visual side of things. It means I will need clear, concise language that will draw students in and hold them. It means pulling together centering practices, asana sequences, pranayama, and other teachings so that whether or not I see them for an hour’s class or extended study, they step off their mat having been nourished.

Better get back to work!
The weekend workshops on July 13-15 and July 27-29
are just $129 if paid in full by June 30!

The ‘Personal Practice’ course is also discounted if paid in full by that date.

If you are planning to register for the Personal Practice course,
please get your essays in ASAP so I can send you the reading list.
It’s short, but it goes deep and will likely require a few readings.


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