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Even yoga teachers get the blues

I love Tom Robbins. I think my favorite work of fiction is his short novel, ‘Jitterbug Perfume‘ (which you’ve probably never heard of) . One of my other favorite books which you have probably never heard of is ‘Lamb‘, by Christopher Moore. Reading either one of these has usually always been able to get me out of a funk, and today, I woke up in a funk. And my books are in an 18′ x 9’ trailer. In Boston. It also doesn’t help that I haven’t had a good night’s sleep in ages. Our bed here is ‘matrimonio‘-sized, and its quality has not been improved with the addition of two layers of that special egg-crate bed foam. It would fit 1.5 adults fine, but not two adults, their sprawling felines, and the occasional visit of the bean-pole 12 year old. By 4:00am most mornings, my body is ready to stop fighting the discomfort and get up, even if just to transfer to the couch and finish my sleep while vertical.

Yesterday, I worked on my my big writing project- the Personal Practice Manual. I have a deadline of TOMORROW, thank you very much, whereupon I am to hand it over to my first-draft readers. One local friend who will be reading it sent me the first draft of HER book last night. But, thanks to the antics of the trickster who resides in my laptop, I LOST MOST OF YESTERDAY’S WRITING. Try as I might, I could not retrieve it. I SAVED it, I swear I did…

I am now a total convert to Google docs and that thing called the ‘Cloud’.

If I didn’t have such fabulous people in my life, I am afraid I would be looking at spending this day in a short-tempered mood. I will still have to sort through the flotsam and jetsam in my brain, trying to rescue floating snippets of what I had written. But this morning’s coffee was hot and dark, my first private client of the day understood when I answered his ‘How are you’ query with a wailing ‘I need retail therapy’. And there was a fresh goat’s milk yogurt, strawberry and mango smoothie waiting for me after. Simple acts of human kindness and forethought go a long way towards ameliorating the sludge of a Mac user trying to negotiate an old, tired version of Word.

I should also mention that it is another beautiful day in San Miguel. Hubby thinks the rains will be starting soon. Last year, the month of May was brutally hot. This year, it has been much less so, with almost-daily cooling breezes. I have a fairly regular yoga practice that keeps me cognizant of changes in my body and temperament. I met someone who, through the simple sharing of his story-telling prowess and the depth of his book list, has directed me towards a path of learning I have been waiting for. On Monday, I start an on-line course, complete with discussion forums! Be still my heart!

It can be theatrically entertaining to moan and groan about the burrs underneath the saddle of my life. But mostly, I keep thinking ‘What a great ride!’. Manuscript’s due in less than 24 hours; better get focused.


PS: Those of you who are planning to participate in this summer’s ‘Personal Practice Course’ in Massachusetts will be receiving copies of the practice manual, and adding your input (feedback, suggestion, additions, etc.) as it moves towards publication.


5 thoughts on “Even yoga teachers get the blues

    1. Hmm… how about tiny tales of those little moments in every day when you’re saved by your ability to tune in, to focus, to see the big picture, to do all those things off the mat they we try to cultivate while on the mat (except of course standing on your head at inappropriate moments, such as while drinking orange juice or during your teenager’s confessional…).

      I shall mine my memory banks for stories not yet told (on this blog anyways…). And thanks for your question, and your share. Looking forward to reading more of your stories, too.


  1. losing something you’ve written, especially when it feels right, is so not the most fun feeling…but somehow i’ve convinced myself that it’s because something even better is to emerge, now that i’m one layer closer to what i want to say…even if it’s just to make myself feel better, who needs more than that? can’t wait to read what that head and heart of yours put together 🙂


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