How it all went

  • Write blog post, post blog post. Face the day with sense of purpose and equanimity.
  • Address hunger, i.e. pour some beet kvass in to a glass and drink slowly. Savor the moment.
  • Make breakfast for the boys. Organic cantaloupe, so perfectly ripe and juicy that even a non-melon eater like myself could succumb. Scrambled eggs with sea salt and thick slices of toasted sourdough bread* from our favorite bakery (*note to friends: There are a lot of bakeries in San Miguel. People here eat a lot of bread. People here are very happy). But before scrambling the eggs and buttering the toast, the sink has to be scrubbed and the drain plunged. Don’t ask.
  • Serve breakfast to the boys. In bed. Score massive amounts of Cosmic Brownie Points that I immediately redeem. I don’t even have to let the guys know I am redeeming my earnings, because once fed, they are up and at ’em, gathering screwdrivers and hammer. I have no idea what they’re doing, but it makes me happy to see a man starting the day with tool in hand.
  • Manly helpful busy-ness doesn’t last nearly long enough.
  • Get back to my desk. Alone at last. Open my latest Georg Feuerstein spine-tingler (‘Tantra: The Path of Ecstasy’ and no, it’s not what you’re thinking, not by a long shot).
  • Interrupted by Skype call, which, it being Mother’s Day and all, means I answer because I want to connect with my other sons, too. It’s Dylan calling from the next room <sigh>.
  • Then I get to chat with #3 son, who’s packing up from his freshman year at St. John’s College in Annapolis. His summer study plans include starting to translate Sophocles, and reading the Bible (New Testament version in both Greek and English). He’s waiting for the arrival of son #1, so they can go eat crab cakes and take in a baseball game. Son #2 comes on line also, with something entertaining for me to download, and mama’s happy.
  • Realize I forgot to finish making MY breakfast, so it’s back downstairs for a ‘green’ drink; all ingredients freshly harvested, all organic. Under $3 for 8oz. of deliciousness.
  • Realize I forgot to unload last night’s washing. Take load to the roof. Thor follows. Hang laundry, notice how cool the breeze is. Sit down, close my eyes, bask in the sun and the feel of Thor’s soft tail wrapping around my calves as he does his version of the Happy Dance.
  • Back to reading, highlighting passages, and staring up at the round window over the bed, centered in the dome of our ‘boveda’ ceiling. Suptadomasana. Very calming.
  • Interruptions are the bane and the balm of my day; today there are more than usual.
  • Have conversation with hubby about the future. It goes pretty well, especially because nothing I am considering right now needs a credit card deposit.
  • Find myself back in the kitchen. Cooking good, healthy food takes time and effort. Late lunch (2:00pm) is carrot soup, rice and kale. Afterwards, I am once again standing at the kitchen sink, washing dishes. I am beginning to see a pattern here, and wish that someone would intervene.
  • Back at my desk, Thor impersonating a paperweight, Loki nestled in a basket of socks, Dylan working on a poster for science class, and me about to create a drawing for tomorrow’s ‘Personal Practice’ class. Tracing hubby’s body, I’ll then map out some of the subtle body systems: nadis, cakras, vayus…
  • I love maps. What I don’t love is caller ID (to love me is to know my non-sequiturs).
  • Dylan is bouncing off the walls. It sounds like he’s got his Dad in a headlock. Child needs food, stat.
  • I find myself in the kitchen once again, making brownies, cooking up a pasta sauce, boiling water for spaghetti, and washing pots and pans. It’s almost 6:00pm.

“Gotten that practice in yet, Liza?


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