It’s Sunday, time to muse…

  • My son bounded into our room at 8:00am, buck naked under his blanket wrap, to wish me ‘Happy Mother’s Day’. He’s one week away from turning 12. When will the buck-naked greetings cease and a sense of modesty (at least in front of his mom) take over?
  • The cats, too, bounded into our bed this morning, to let me know they were STARVING. No one else gets these reminders. Loki- the street kitten who adopted us last November- stayed between my feet all the way down to the kitchen, wanting to make sure I did not get lost or distracted. Thor, a little older, somewhat wiser, and much larger, waits until Loki is done inhaling his food, then he sways up to the plate for his serving.
  • My husband, still feeling ill even amidst the joyous, rolling invasions, groaned. When I observed that it looked like there would be no breakfast in bed for me today, he offered to make me some eggs. Much as I would have loved the attention, there’s something off-putting about a chef who is green at the gills… Instead, I made us tea.

Yesterday took a sharp detour from my planned route. Loki came off the roof at 4:00am, covered in burrs from the cactus plants up there. It looked like he had been cornered into a pile of dried out clippings. It was painful to look at, let alone touch. Dylan and I drew a warm bath, and got into it with the cat. I had this idea that if we soaked Loki, it might be easier to pull the hairs away from the burrs. It kind of worked. Bathing with my son and a pain-crazed cat was the first thing Not On My List.

Then Martin got to feeling crappier and crappier, even as I was reminding him there were many reasons I did not follow in my mother’s footsteps and become a nurse. He ignored my warnings, and curled up on the bed in a fetal position. Nothing says life is going your way when there’s a sick adult mewling in one room, and a cat mewling in the other. Hours later, I had managed to remove most of the burrs from Loki’s fur, and paid enough attention to Martin that he was no longer fantasizing about trading me in for a more compassionate model… Nurse Duty. Second thing Not On My List.

So what do you do when you have a list, a plan, a map for the day, and it all goes to hell in  hand basket before you’ve even brushed your teeth (did I even brush my teeth yesterday…?) You roll with it. I have a Doctorate in Rolling With It.  So TODAY, I am not telling anybody anything about any of my plans, desires, hopes or dreams. But I will come back here later today for an honest reporting on how it all goes…


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