“… who we truly are.”

“Yoga (is a) disciplined approach to simplifying one’s consciousness and energy to the point where we no longer experience any inner conflict and are able to live in harmony with the world.”– Georg Feuerstein

How about THEM apples of insight? Isn’t that JUST what you needed to read today? Earlier on in this book I am reading, Feuerstein says: “Happiness is our essential nature, and our perpetual quest for happiness is fulfilled only when we realize who we truly are.”


It is a cold morning here in San Miguel, but the air is clear and the sky is so very blue and completely uncluttered by clouds. Birds are chirping and cooing, and I occasionally see white egrets flying overhead. Today, every action or thought of striving has been met with a sinking back- into bed pillows, into a sigh, into the bliss of being here, now. I miss my kids, I miss my friends, I miss watching my rhubarb unfurl into it’s springtime beauty, stalks and leaves all glossy and taut. But there’s no lingering in the longing when the happiness of being more fully my-Self is right here, right now.

I am just going to let that be all there is today. Happiness on the inhale, happiness on the exhale.


2 thoughts on ““… who we truly are.”

  1. Dont remember where I heard this of course…Inhale blessings and exhale gratitude….along the same lines as your post!!! Miss you


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