Summer Intensive Courses: 2012

This blog entry is, purely, a plug for a course I am leading this summer.

From July 17- August 10, I will teach a 3 week, 90 hour ‘Personal Practice’ course concurrent with a 4 week, 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training course.

The syllabus for the course is ALMOST ready. We’ll be meeting and practicing together in North Easton, MA. (USA). We’ll be based at the Easton Yoga Center, and use other spaces in the building as well. There is more information at the website for my newly named school, “Tila Tree Yoga“.

What is exciting for me is this: The curriculum I have been developing is finally ready to go out into the world in a more organized fashion (albeit with plenty of the improvisation that I am known for <grin>). For those who simply do not have the time to be in the course full time, I will also be offering evening and weekend lectures, demonstrations and guided study.

Working intensively, with a small group, has the potential to create a strong container, and the fertile ground, for personal development. It will be a challenging and rewarding experience. Here is what I wrote in my upcoming email:

“The Tila Tree Yoga Personal Practice Course is designed to assist you in creating and maintaining a home-based yoga practice. More than just exercise for the body, yoga is a whole-system approach to personal growth and development that becomes all the richer and more effective when you can practice confidently at home. 

The Tila Tree Yoga 200 hr. Yoga Teacher Training Course has been designed to cultivate knowledgeable yoga teachers. The ‘Intensive’, 4-week format invites the kind of in-depth personal exploration and group dynamic that makes learning- and integrating- the material all the more relevant and applicable.”

Wish this project luck and pass the word!


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