a pause…

I started a 4-week Spanish Language Intensive course on Monday. Meets at ‘Academia Hispano America‘ for four hours a day, and it is rigorous. Did I mention the 50 minutes we sit in each session are Spanish-only? They put me in Level 2, and I am already at the end of what I can fake and what I cannot. There’s a reason you start at Level One and go through all the basics. I stood on my head in the courtyard during one of our breaks, and I think that helped. Or at least it helped remind me that I can practice asana, etc. just about anywhere.

Learning another language is really hard. And bi-lingual hubby, who smoothes the way for me here on a daily basis- is away. VERY away in Europe. And SOMEONE left a very small and completely adorable kitten on our doorstep. She and the cat we brought down from the states got me up at 4:00am today, wanting to play. Charming.

I have no time to write, let alone think, especially about words in English. So, no blogging for awhile. Instead, it’s time for flash cards and dinner conversations with an 11 year-old, who is also learning Spanish.

I’ll be back!



One thought on “a pause…

  1. Tengo que hecho my tarea, pero… Hello, dear Liza,

    …I found your blog, just a couple of minutes ago and got a little lost in it (kind of on purpose…) I am sure you’re the better student than I am and your bio is ready in your note book and Jorge will be all impressed manaña.

    So I better get ready to estudar mas. Thanks for the great evening, it was such a good laugh, just one big one for the entire night almost.

    Hasta manaña, looking forward to it, ciao,


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