‘And HOW did you come up with THAT blog post???’

(Herewith, the ‘lighter side’ of today’s writing, which will be posted after one more rewrite.)

Wake up, get dressed, feed the guys, and we walk to Friday classes, which start out at a local photography studio. Drop son off, then hubby and I walk to bakery for Friday bagels. Bakery is closed, disappointment ensues. Walk back into town, and decide to stop in at another bakery. Eureka!!! At ‘La Mesa Grande‘, you sit at a mesa grande, i.e. a big table. And you eat croissants. Fat, buttery, flaky, awe-insipring croissants. No sooner had I finished my croissant than I was conspiring with myself about when it would be ‘appropriate’ to show up for another one.

Hubby and I part ways, and I arrive home to the housekeeper doing her wonderful thing. Cat and I disappear into the 3rd floor office in the house that fronts the street, and I begin to transcribe pages and pages of my handwritten notes. Today’s notes were all about ‘conscious breathing’ and ‘back body awareness’. I was also thinking about Tuesday night’s class, and how this group is progressing so fluidly into floating (which comes before ‘flying’, but that’s a whole other post).

As my minds floats away from the page and into a back-log of memory, I remember the work of an artist that I want to use as a visual example of some of the ideas I am fleshing out. Browser keeps trying to correct the spelling of my search words AND translate them. Finally arrive here, at the website of Magdalena Abakanowicz. Find the images of her work that I recall here. Feel a sense of accomplishment. Pull Cat off the balcony wall; would not do to lose him to an ill-timed leap onto wires below, in his daily effort to catch the wily Mexican squirrel who lives next door. They taunt him, oh, how they taunt him…

Focus in on images and writing, even as housekeeper finds me and says something in rapid Spanish. I understand the last two words, “Hasta martes”. Change venues, husband returns, tries to distract me, gets sent off to the office so I can write in peace. Almost wrote in ‘piece’, which is actually more accurate, because I am so easily distracted that I tend to write my pieces in pieces.

Words come fast. Post is almost ready. Take a bath. Decide I better write an Explanatory Post.

Press ‘Preview’. Press ‘Publish’.


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