It took us over 6 months to get here: six months of tying up loose ends, filling one storage unit, taking two flights, experiencing one snafu, loading our bags into an airport shuttle, and picking up one set of keys. Given all that, I shouldn’t expect an immediate transition into ‘sabbatical mode’, right? There has to be some process of shedding the old, almost like a detoxification process. I think I have already lost a few pounds from simply eating when I am hungry (and not because I am stressed and shoveling the food in for comfort) and from walking everywhere to track things down (as opposed to sitting on my couch, ‘Googling’ everything). It helps that we have no car and no cell phones.

I have been considering what my yogasana practice might look like here. I haven’t yet found the *perfect* spot to put my mat, but I have unrolled it in the living room a couple of times and had quiet practices while dinner was cooking. I also put out an inquiry to a local email list to see if there are any other yogis out there who might like to practice Mysore-style together. We shall see; I am in no rush.

My books are out and ready to be cracked open. I brought Edwin Bryant’s book on the yoga sutras, with his translations and commentaries. I have my favorite props: 3 Minute Eggs, a Yamuna ball for ‘body-rolling’, my mat and my 10′ strap. And no, I am neither fishing nor being paid for mentioning the ‘products’ I use; I just have found these pieces to be intelligently designed and worth the monetary investment. My design background gets me excited when encountering ‘stuff’ that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

So that, my friends, is today’s foray into the Mexican edition of “Liza’s World of Yoga”. The child has been delivered to school, the cat is happily exploring the terraces, the housekeeper (!) is bustling about, my husband is writing, and I have the next 4 hours to follow my bliss.


4 thoughts on “Arriving…

    1. After all the months of sweeping your yoga centers floors and probably cleaning the toilets too, you deserve a housekeeper to take care of your own ama! Cherish every moment, even the mundane tasks. Jean

      Of note, I am typing in my yoga yurt under the light of the full moon surrounde by crickets and various peaceful night sounds. You go find YOUR perfect setting to “begin”.


      1. Your ‘full moon yurt’ times sounds wonderful, Jean =)
        I’ll start exploring spaces next week; there is a BIG holiday starting today, and this town is going to be wild (i.e the fireworks start in earnest tonight around midnight) xx-L.


    2. I wish I could say that Irma was here every day… she comes in twice a week, for 4 hrs. Down here, housekeepers and gardeners practically come with the houses (I’ll explain in more detail some other time) I am truly appreciative that I have the physical help, as the house has to stay neat + tidy in case it gets shown to potential renters/buyers. I am now spending more hours every day walking around the town to buy food + cooking it. ‘Dinner’ is between 3-4 every day, then siesta + the evening’s activities. Very light meal later at night =) xx-L.


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