Preparing for my sabbatical…

Our house has been up for sale, which has meant it had to be kept quite neat, tidy and organized. My creativity thrives on a kind of ‘ordered chaos’, but that has been sorely tested by an excess of ‘order’ unmitigated by even a small spot for ‘chaos’. I won’t complain; I suspected there would be this transition time before my sabbatical could OFFICIALLY begin.

Here’s what I do know, for those of you who are interested: ‘things’ are in a fluid state. We may be heading to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico before Labor Day… or we may head south sometime in September. The latter date would leave me far more time to say good-byes, have all the lunch dates I’ve penciled in; time to finish sewing those pants that scream 1950’s kitchen curtains, pot up my gooseberry bushes for Zaza, and organize all my files- paper and electronic- for my secret writing project, etcetera, but we shall just have to see. In the meanwhile, I shall leave you with this lovely view of San Miguel, as well as a picture of one of our ‘casita’s’ balconies.


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