Endings + Beginnings

On Sunday 7/31, we were gifted with a beautiful July morning; clear air, bright light, heat that wasn’t stifling. I got to the yoga center early, but others had my idea, too.

  • Ellen arrived, a bag of chocolate in hand. She knows how I love the stuff, and I know she’s good for truffles and such at the holidays. Ellen is another person who has been taking classes with me since The Beginning.
  • Jean brought bagels, cream cheese, fresh fruit and a radiant smile. I think she has been to every ‘final class’ this week; by Sunday morning, it felt like she had become part of my back bones, helping to support me through this transition.
  • Beth, another of my yoga teacher trainees, came to witness and help hold the space.
  • Florence, Elaine, Amy, Mary and Kate, all aforementioned, all present.
  • Barbara, who has had quite a year of transitions herself. We have a lunch date to start the ‘catching up’ process.
  • Cynthia, who will be taking over the class. ‘Though the box of tissues was placed near her mat, I don’t think she had to use a single one <smile>.
  • and then Evelyn walked in. Bearing 2 boxes of cupcakes. HOMEMADE cupcakes. I have been waiting for years to try her cupcakes, so I snuck them into the back room, opened the lid on the vanilla batch and inhaled… oh my, be still my heart. Somewhere in the yoga sutras I KNOW it says ‘citta vrtti nirodha buttercreamfrosting‘, or that the fastest way to anandamayakosha is through a bite of cake.

Once the goodies were stashed, we opened with a vedic chant and a short discussion about what asanas everyone wanted thrown into the mix. ‘Hanumanasana’ (a seated split), ‘Titthibasana‘ (an arm balance), ‘Vasisthasana‘ (Side Plank) and ‘Astavakrasana’ (ANOTHER arm balance!) were mentioned. Barbara, who has been away for a bit, wondered what the heck we’d been doing in her absence… But do we did, and with props aplenty, off we went into the world of wide open asanas. It was not a day for spinal twists or bound poses I guess. And once again, everyone did beautifully; it’s a smart group that understands when and how to modify, when to fly further, and when to simply watch and absorb, or even assist.

Afterwards we feasted and chatted, with Martin joining us in time for food and great company. When everyone had gone, I finished the picking up and packing up process. Washed dishes, straightened the props, and checked off names one last time. It was a quiet closing of one chapter. The sliver of new moon hanging delicately in Monday night’s wild pink sky reminded me that it all comes back to cycles. As one seven-year cycle of my life draws to a close, another one is beginning, and the thin curve of light is too fine yet to see what it will open into and reveal.

(But you can bet I’ll write about it…)


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