Ayurvedic Body Treatments

‘Abhyanga’ is the oiling and massaging of the body before showering in the morning. It is a lovely ritual to add to your routine, as you begin at your hands or feet with circular movements at the joints and long strokes along the limbs. You can use a basic massage oil or a ‘Tri-doshic’ oil; you can brush the dry skin with a loofah or vetiver scrub first to exfoliate dead skin cells and stimulate the lymphatic system; or blend your oil into a dry mixture to create a paste that you then massage on and rinse off while in the shower. This paste is made from ingredients that are gentle enough to use on sensitive areas (including the face).

*I am selling the in-stock oils I have before we leave for Mexico. The average RETAIL price is over $3.00/ounce. Call to order. Cash or check or PayPal (email me at liza.keogh@gmail.com for details)

  • ‘Tridoshic Oil*’- $10.00 for a 6 oz. bottle (*only 10 bottles left) oops! 6 left.
  • ‘Udvartina Paste’ Package- $12.00 (Includes a bag of herbs and flours, 8 oz. Sweet Almond Oil, 1 oz. Neem Oil) Only 2 left.
  • Sweet Almond Oil- $1.00/oz. when you supply the bottle.

4 thoughts on “Ayurvedic Body Treatments

  1. I’m just realizing that I can comment on your posts!! You know that I would purchase your entire in-stock oil collection. But in the interest of practicing aparigraha, I shall request 3 tridoshic oils, 3 pasty packages, and sweet almond oil in whatever bottle I can dig up.

    P.S. I have “liked” all of your posts thus far! Please keep them coming! ! Jean


  2. Of COURSE you may comment, O Backbone of Mine =)
    I am thinking the oils will come in especially helpful once the change of season begins. Note: the Tri-doshic Oil is so carefully crafted, that it has a very long shelf life. xx-L.


  3. Over a month late now on this! Its been years since I’ve used paypal (and have a new credit card). If I sign up for the business option (rather then personal for online shoppers), will I easily be able to figure out your “company or group name”? My feet so need oiling right now, but may spend some few moments in the yurt with the “heat way”!


    1. I’ll send you my info in a private email =) And I’ve been oiling a LOT at night these days; I love the ritual of washing of the day’s grime and then doing my feet. I sleep better!


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