340 Saturdays ago…

… I opened my doors on Belmont Street in Brockton, as ‘The Yoga Room’. My husband, Martin, was at that very first class, as was Lori. Over the years, they’ve come to class when they could; when their bodies were willing to get up for the 8:00am start; when he was in the US and not on baby duty; when the call of the whitewater and her kayak was faint.

At the start of class I looked over the many faces and saw a mix of emotions- and none of the usual Saturday morning chatter (it has often required a whistle and a stern look to quiet this bunch down…). The group of people at this morning’s class ran the spectrum from some of my newest to some of my most consistent and dedicated students.

  • Florence was brought in by her friend Nancy, who said to me ‘Liza, if Florence likes this, she’ll be here every weekend’. I think Florence liked it, as only a great golfing day (or a cranky shoulder) has kept her away from class. She will be teaching soon, and I think we both owe Nancy a ‘thank you’ note!
  • Betty took the plunge a couple months ago, and now comes in regularly to all styles of classes. She has quickly become adept at using props, and understanding that honoring where she is, today, is the way to grow into a consistent, beneficial practice.
  • Jean brought in her cameras. Maybe she thought she was going to sneak in a few shots, even knowing how camera-shy I am… But, all I saw her take was a picture of the prop shelves. I trust that all will remain ORGANIZED and IN ITS PLACE!!!
  • Sherrie and Mary. Two tall, elegant, inspiring yoginis who have beautiful headstands. I am pretty sure you have seen these women- walking through town, or perhaps teaching one of your children. If only you could see them upside down!
  • Elaine, Kathy, Pam, Cathy– all yoga teachers or almost yoga teachers, all strong and steady. Pam will be taking over the Easton Yoga Center; I am so grateful to her. It would have been hard to see this all stop, simply because of my need to take a year for study and travel. I look forward to handing over the Flaming Torch to her (along with a bottle of ibuprofen, a case of wine, the name of my favorite massage therapist…)
  • 2 of the 3 Amys were back this morning, too. Realizing I have precious little time to leave my ‘stamp’ on their practice, I have been an adjust-o-maniac with them, even starting them on the Sacred Path of Inversions. With Mary and Sherrie around for inspiration, and Elaine, Jean and all the other teachers around for support, perhaps the Amys will be the newest converts to the joys and benefits of Upsidedown-ism =)
  • Kate of the Cupcakes and the Headstand Split rounded out the class.

While this particular ‘final class’ wasn’t full of wild asanas (that was Wednesday night…), it was full of bodies in motion, following the breath, moving with awareness along their individual  pathways. For most of my long-term students, these last classes are an opportunity for me to simply witness the beauty, strength, focus, poise and poetry of their practice.


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