thursday’s class(es)

I can see the finish line, and I wouldn’t mind it if these last few yards were traversed in very slow motion…

I have to really reorganize myself in order to teach a ‘yin’-style class, and I managed to do so SOMEwhat successfully last night… although the slow holds are really not my first love, or even my second or third. But I/we made it through!

Every time I said ‘Amy‘, two heads popped up. And I couldn’t even say ‘Amy Christine’ because it turned out they were BOTH ‘Amy Christine’. I think that was a first! And every time I said ‘Christine‘, two more heads popped up, but luckily they had different middle names so the class wasn’t completely confused. Did I mention that one of the Amys is the daughter of one of the Christines? And that they are gigglers? Luckily, there was only one Diane and one Nachelle. But what became REALLY confusing was when my dyslexia got confused with me trying to mirror the students and we all got tied up into knots. But, once again, I managed not to maim anyone, and by savasana all was forgiven. I think…

Then the 7:00pm class began to arrive, and my cup began to overflow.

  • Deb and Denis have anchored this class the entire 7 years I have run my own studio- and that is a LOT of Thursday nights. I had met them before opening my own yoga center, back when we were all at Maria Baldwin’s studio. For someone like myself, who is draw to improvisation and spontaneity, it has been a gift to have a few steady, reliable ‘anchors’ amongst the student population: people who are always there, who always show up, as night follows day.
  • Tina and Erin are one of the Mother/Daughter duos that I have been privileged to have at class. Betty and Kristin were there last night, too. Kristine, who has come in with her pre-teen daughter, added to the ‘familial’ mix. Even though I am not related to any of these women, seeing multiple generations at a class brings me into sweeter relation with my own mother and sister, both of whom have spent time on the mat. (Although the last time I saw my own mother doing yoga, she was in a headstand and I was in a post-Thanksgiving feast haze. I might have hallucinated that memory…)
  • Katie, Amy, Jean, Leslie, Christine– all mentioned above or in prior posts- were there last night, as well as Marlene, who has been on the mat a lot lately! When students come in frequently, there is often a palpable shift or growth in their practice, the focus of their breath, the fluidity in their body.

After everyone left, I did my bookkeeping, blew out candles, turned off lights, locked the door and walked home through the falling darkness. I passed homes- some dark, some lit up and occupied- heard short threads of conversation, the call of night critters and the muffled turns of tires on pavement. Nighttime brings out certain smells, from trees, grasses and flowers and the familiar path home changes subtly from week to week. That walk allows me time to soak in and absorb the experience of each class and the connections with each student. My memory banks are are full to overflowing with such sweetness these days…


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