4 days + 4 classes to go

Sometimes life just hands you a ‘Perfect Moment’ and I had one of those at last night’s ‘Hatha Flow II’ class. It was, actually, an extended perfect moment that lasted well over two hours.

  • Katie (the extraordinary photographer mentioned in an earlier post) was the first one in to class, followed soon after by Nicole. If ever there was a woman who could rock a pair of blue suede booties, it is she. If Nicole ever ends up in a wild pose with those boots on, we need a picture!
  • Jean made it, too, as did Kate. These two are physical therapists, both are married to Daves, both have big dogs, and both have been beyond helpful to me when I’ve been injured, or when fellow students have needed some informal advice. We had a good chuckle over the ‘side-eye’ I get from them if I’m attempting to take my body places it shouldn’t be going. If Kate ever leaves her day job, I’d hire her in a heartbeat to organize events and retreats for me. Her organizational skills allowed me to arrive and teach with incredible ease at the last yoga retreat.
  • Jennie dropped in, too, after 3 months in Chicago. Our paths first crossed many years ago, when I costumed her for a local theatre production. Her easy grin lights up the room.

After class, we rolled up our mats, rolled out the picnic blanket, and feasted on cookies and cupcakes, fresh fruit and wine. We shared stories, found some common interests, and got to know Amy a little bit more. She has just recently started to take classes with us, and it warms my heart to see how easily this ‘newcomer’ has been welcomed in. I know I leave her in very good hands.

I got to share a hug with Elaine after dessert. It was so special to hear her say- through a huge, radiant grin- ‘I can work with this group’. Elaine started in my teacher training course in January, as a way to deepen her personal practice. She will be taking her place on the teacher’s mat starting next week.

Transitions and change make for challenging times. It is a privilege to sit in the shift, and be present to the gifts brought in by these caring, thoughtful, funny, sweet, wild, grounded, inquisitive women. My heart is so full already. And there are 4 more classes to go.


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