the wed. 6:00pm class

This class was added to the schedule months ago, as a place for those looking for a more challenging asana practice. It’s been a bit of a ‘yoga playground’, as we move from primer poses and basic flow sequences into more complex ones.

Understanding- and executing- the ‘big’ poses is built on more than just knowing the basic asanas that form the physical structure of the pose. A lot of that has to do simply with strength and suppleness in the body.

What I have looked for when ‘advancing’ students is that same strength and suppleness in the heart and mind, coupled with readiness and curiosity; steadiness in the breath; and the capacity for self-direction. Other qualities are harder to categorize or quantify. They are the ones that shimmer and ripple through the subtle body; the ones that are revealed by the questions asked, by the way one accepts and processes suggestions, adjustments and modifications.

In tonight’s final class, we’ll moving beyond our own mats and practices as I teach the group some basic principles of assisting. The gals have all flowered into headstands, handstands, shoulder stands, forearm balances and the like. My secret plan is to leave them with more ‘tools’ in their yoga dopp kits so they continue to play, practice, explore and extend their wings on the beautiful playground they have created.


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