6 days, 5 classes to go

For 7 years, the Monday 5:30pm class has been one of the anchors of my weekly yoga teaching schedule. For seven years of Mondays, my husband has asked me ‘Honey, do you teach tonight? What time?’

Last night was my last time teaching in that slot, for my yoga center, to a group of people that included some of my newest students (hi Amy and Amy!) to some of my most long-running supporters. Here is a quick snapshot of the room:

  • Kathy, whom everybody knows from their morning Starbucks run, and Susan both started with me in Brockton 7 years ago. These two have become fast friends, roll out each others’ mats before class, and anchor the front row. There were many morning classes over the years where it was just the three of us…
  • Jean, whom I have watched blossom into her ‘yoga body’, which then blossomed into a mama belly for the adorable Matthew. Jean has been the ‘Western Anatomy’ instructor for my teacher-trainees, and it has been such a joy to watch her step into that role, and into yoga teaching as well. She will take over the Thursday 7:00pm class starting in August.
  • Norma, who was there 8 years ago at the beginning of my teaching career, when I was teaching ‘Ashtanga Yoga’ and subbing at Maria Baldwin’s yoga center; and Paula and Clara, who I also first met when I was just getting my feet wet. We have marked off milestones together- the births of grandchildren, our children’s marriages, other events both joyful and sorrowful that make up the warp and weft of human experience.
  • Sara, who first showed up pregnant with Max, brought her women’s group in for two series of in-depth Cakra work; Mahsa, who became pregnant with Soraya and who is my partner in early morning ‘core’ workouts when we can squeeze them in.
  • Nachelle, soon to be a fully-fledged Acupuncture practitioner, who practically quivers with delight every time we come into Pigeon Pose; Beth, who’s found a sanctuary on the mat (she has teens; need I say more…); Katie, photographer extraordinaire, who’s bridal party met with me the for a session of asana, breathwork and meditation to prep for the day’s events.
  • Leslie, a dancer like my husband, and Joanne and Elaine, two newly-minted yoga teachers. They have trained differently, but both bring years of their own practice to the mat.

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